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The head of the Badr Authority follows up the road and utilities works for the express electric train stations

Engineer Ammar Mandour, Head of the Badr City Development Authority, inspected the road works leading to the city’s electric train stations, and the utilities works at the stations, accompanied by the officials of the device, in light of the directives of Dr. As well as advancing the work of road projects in parallel with the implementation of the rapid electric train project, which is a new development artery for urban communities.


During the tour, Eng. Ammar Mandour stressed the need to overcome any obstacles to the implementation of road and utilities works for the rapid electric train stations, and the speed of implementation of works to complete projects in the specified times, with the required efficiency and quality, stressing the authority's officials to follow up periodically until the completion of the works.


The head of the agency indicated that Badr City has 3 passenger stations and a maintenance station, as the roads leading to the passenger station and the maintenance station in front of the Fifth District have been completely completed, and all facilities have been connected to the station building.


Eng. Ammar Mandour added that the utilities and “paving” works of the road leading to the express train station in front of the seventh district and the administrative capital’s employees’ housing station have been completed, noting that the asphalt layer of the roads will be completed before the electric train starts.