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Mail on Sunday: Charles will reduce his palace living space to an 'apartment' when he becomes king

Britain's Mail on Sunday newspaper said Prince Charles is set to downgrade the king's lavish living quarters at Buckingham Palace to an "apartment" when he becomes king.

The newspaper pointed out that the plan is part of a radical campaign to reform the vast royal estate, which will include opening the official residence in London to the public more than ever before.

Among other changes being considered, as part of Charles' broader plans, are turning Balmoral Castle into a museum for the Queen and moving the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Windsor Castle, according to the newspaper.

It is said that Charles did not want the Berkshire residence because its location near Heathrow Airport makes it "too noisy".

The Prince of Wales plans to drastically reduce the size of the monarchy once he takes the throne - and a friend confirmed: "The question of royal palaces is on the 'to-do' list."

The newspaper pointed out that he was meeting with the courtiers to discuss what happens to the palaces when he and Camilla take over.

The source said: "The central point is: When Charles takes over after the Queen, how do you effectively spread two generations of the family across a large number of estates?

The Prince of Wales strongly believes that these places should offer something to the public that goes beyond just being a place where members of the royal family live. Everything is seen through the lens of the question: “What is the value of this show to the audience?”

"Everyone understands that it doesn't make sense to run a lot of housing but if you give it up completely you'll never get it back when Prince George and the younger royals are older and need a place to live," a source said.

Charles faces a daunting diplomatic task to convince his family of the changes.

The Duke of York is said to be particularly concerned about his Park Lodge home in Windsor Great Park. However, the courtiers say there is no indication that he will be asked to move.

Prince Edward and Princess Anne are also said to be safe at Bagshot Park in Windsor and Gatcombe Park in Gloucestershire respectively.