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5 breakfast foods that increase inflammation in the body.. know them

Breakfast gives the body the fuel and essential elements needed to start the day, and it can put you in the right mood to face all the challenges, but sometimes, there is no time for breakfast, and you just eat pastries or some fruit, and unfortunately there are some breakfast foods that have the ability to make Inflammation all over the body.

According to Harvard Medical School, when you eat certain foods, your body sends white blood cells to protect an area from harm. You can monitor the items you eat, especially at breakfast, according to Eatthis.

1 - breakfast pastries

Sugary sweets can cause problems at any time of the day, including in the morning. Breakfast pastries like muffins contain large amounts of added sugar that promotes inflammation by altering the gut microbiota. In other words, eating a lot of processed sugar feeds “bad bacteria.” This causes damage to the lining of the intestine, which leads to inflammation throughout the body.

2- Processed meat

Eating heavily processed meat can cause inflammation due to its high concentration of saturated fats. These fatty acids increase the activity of inflammatory genes as well as inflammatory molecules in white blood cells.

3- Cereals containing wheat or sugar

Cereals containing wheat can increase intestinal permeability, allowing molecules to pass through the intestinal lining and enter the body, causing an immune response and inflammation. bad bacteria" in the gut.

4 - sugary oatmeal

Although oatmeal is an ideal breakfast food, it tends to spike your blood sugar because oatmeal contains mostly carbohydrates, and this unstable sugar in your blood can then lead to inflammation and low energy.

If oatmeal is preferred, a great way to keep your blood sugar in balance is to make sure you eat it with protein and healthy fats.

5- Meal Replacement Shake

When you need to go for a run, Quick Protein Powder is an ideal choice for getting complete nutrition without wasting any time, but there are many meal replacement shakes that contain a myriad of ingredients that cause inflammation, from refined carbohydrates to processed vegetable oils, and it's best to make your own. DIY shakes at home with a balance of real nutritional ingredients, including protein and healthy fats.