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What did the trio of super vanguards do before joining the Pharaohs' Brigade?

Carlos Queiroz, coach of the national team, has chosen the list of players selected to join the national team camp in preparation for the Liberia friendly match scheduled to be held at nine in the evening next Thursday at the Burj Al Arab Stadium.

The list included more than one player from the Tala’a Al-Jaish team, which was crowned a few days ago in the local Super Championship at the expense of Al-Ahly, with a penalty shootout 3/2, and the list included 24 players, including the trio of Tala’a Al-Jaish, Mohamed Bassam, goalkeeper, Muhannad Lashin and Ahmed Samir, and these three starred strongly in The last Egyptian Super match against Al-Ahly drew the attention of the technical staff of the Pharaohs team, led by Queiroz.

In the following lines, we monitor what the trio, Muhammad Bassam, Muhannad Lashin and Ahmed Samir, did with the team until they enter the team camp with the new Khawaja.

Mohamed Bassam

Mohamed Bassam, the goalkeeper of the Al-Tala’i team, starred during the season, which appeared during his participation in various tournaments, whether the League, the Super or the Egypt Cup. a target.

Muhannad Lashin

Muhannad Lashin participated with Al-Tala'i this season in 28 league matches, the Egypt Cup match, and in addition to the local super match, against Al-Ahly, in which the team was crowned at the expense of Al-Ahly, he scored in the league championship this season a goal and made the same.

Ahmed Samir

Samir participated with the Vanguards in 33 matches, during which he scored 11 goals and made 4 goals, and participated in two matches in the Egypt Cup in addition to the local super match.