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Tunisia renews the freezing of assets and resources of 43 people due to their association with terrorism

The National Anti-Terrorism Committee in Tunisia decided to renew the freezing of assets and economic resources belonging to 43 persons due to their association with terrorism, this came in a decision published yesterday evening, Friday, by the "Official Journal of the Republic of Tunisia" (Official Gazette) in its issue issued yesterday, Friday, according to the news agency reported. Tunisian.


The list that was published included decisions related to 42 Tunisians and an Italian foreigner, and Al Qarat confirmed that the freeze lasts for 6 months, subject to renewal.


The National Anti-Terrorism Committee undertakes several tasks, including issuing guidelines to prevent and combat terrorism, and assisting in the development of programs and policies aimed at preventing terrorism.


It also works on following up and evaluating the implementation of the resolutions of the relevant UN structures related to combating terrorism, within the framework of Tunisia's keenness to fulfill its international obligations and support the international effort to combat terrorism.


The Committee takes decisions related to freezing the funds of persons and organizations listed in the UN regulations prepared by the Sanctions Committee of the Security Council.


It is also working to take decisions to freeze the funds of people and organizations that the committee found to be linked to terrorist crimes, given that the committee is required to “identify the names of people and organizations in Tunisia suspected of being linked to terrorist crimes and circulate them to the administrative authorities and financial institutions.”

It is reported that the Tunisian President, Kais Saied, decided to form a committee comprising representatives of the Presidency of the Republic of Tunisia, the Ministries of Education and Social Affairs, and the Tunisian Professional Association of Banks and Financial Institutions, which allocated an amount of 50 million dinars to extend a helping hand to needy students and carry out urgent work related to a number of schools and institutes that are still complaining. Lack of the basics needed to study.

This came during a meeting with Fathi Salouti, Tunisian Minister of Education, at the Presidential Palace of Carthage.

Saeed stressed the need to work in a framework of complete transparency and to confront all attempts of extortion or robbery of any "momentum" of the allocated amount to improve the conditions of needy students.