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Times: Biden tries to revive his presidency with equal opportunity promises for the American middle class

US President Joe Biden tried to revive his presidency yesterday, Thursday, with a pledge to achieve equal opportunities for middle-class Americans in light of his record rejection rates in the wake of the chaos of Afghanistan, and the continuing rise in Corona injuries in the United States, according to the British newspaper, The Times.

Biden is pinning his hopes on the two infrastructure bills stranded in Congress, but polls show voters are nervous in all aspects of his leadership, from the economy to foreign policy to climate change, areas that until recently were seen as the strongest.

The percentage of disapproval of the president rose to 49.3% in the average pollster, a number worse than any other post-war US president at this point in his presidency, with the exception of Donald Trump.

 After being elected as a more moderate and trustworthy alternative, Biden appealed to the American people to support the Democrats' $3.5 trillion human infrastructure package, which congressional Republicans oppose as an extremist bias toward big European-style government.

 The British newspaper described that step as a risky move to restore Biden's authority on his seventh pledge to restore the spirit and secure America's future by rebuilding the middle class, as this package would require significant tax hikes on corporations and high-income earners to defend in exchange for preschool education, and we will be able to community college. Free, extended health care and tax credits for climate measures.

It adds to a trillion-dollar spending plan on traditional infrastructure such as roads and bridges that some Republicans have agreed to support, in a rare display of partisanship but not passed in the Democratic-controlled House.