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The International Coalition: Our forces at Erbil base were attacked by drones

The international coalition led by the United States confirmed that its forces in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, were attacked by drones last night, without causing any casualties.

And the representative of the International Coalition, Wayne Maroto, wrote in a tweet on the social networking site Twitter, today, Sunday, “At exactly 11:43 pm on September 11, the coalition forces at Erbil Air Base were attacked by two drones, and the coalition used counter-protection measures to destroy the drones.” The attack did not result in injuries or material damage.

A series of explosions rocked the vicinity of Erbil International Airport in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, which resulted in the suspension of flights from Erbil Airport in anticipation of more attacks.


According to Iraqi security sources, the information available to the authorities indicates a missile attack targeting the vicinity of Erbil Airport.