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The Hill: Trump faces a major obstacle in using "executive privilege" to storm Congress

The American newspaper, The Hill, said that former US President Donald Trump faces major obstacles in his efforts to use executive privilege to block the subpoena of the investigation committee into the events of the Capitol storming of executive branch documents and obtaining testimony from his former aides.

The committee issued a new set of subpoenas last Thursday to obtain testimony from several Trump advisers, but the former president renewed his threat to fight the committee's selected demands from Congress by using allegations of executive privilege.

"We will fight subpoenas on executive privilege and other grounds for the good of our country while we are still waiting to see whether subpoenas will be sent to Antifa and Black Lives Matter over the death and destruction you have caused to tear apart Democratic-led cities across America," Trump said.

The standoff lays the groundwork for what could be a legal battle with enormous constitutional repercussions, the paper says. It is unclear how Trump will act in court, but his ability to use executive privilege to protect information and impede the commission's investigation is likely to be limited.

The newspaper went on to say that Trump may try to persuade the four former advisers chief of staff Mark Meadows, strategist Steve Bannon, social media chief Dan Scavino, and acting chief of defense chief Kashyap Patel in the last weeks of the Trump administration, not to comply with subpoenas to testify or invoke privilege. Executive for not providing certain information.

The commission can then file a civil lawsuit to obtain a court order directing the former aides to comply, and lawmakers can also refer the matter to the Justice Department for criminal prosecution.