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Tazkarti organizes the World Flipping Championships in partnership with the Archery Federation

Tazkarti, headed by Montaser Al-Nabawy, will organize the World Championships for Choppers in Egypt next October, and the opening ceremony will be held on October 12 under the supervision of Dr.


The World Chopper Championship will be held in the Olympic City in the Administrative Capital, with the participation of 20 countries, and my ticket will be organized under the supervision of Shadi Mazhar, Director of Celebrations, Ahmed Abada, Head of Operations Sector, and Synergy Company, in coordination with Hassan Kamal, CEO of Synergy, the opening ceremony of the championship scheduled for October 12.


My ticket company continues to participate in organizing major international forums in various fields, whether sports, by being present in the two African Nations Cup football tournaments in Egypt, as well as the most important event by being present in the World Handball Cup and many technical and medical fields.