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Symptoms of ear infection in children and adults

Severe pain in the ear with external swelling, and the inability to sleep or sit, all of these things are a sign of an ear problem and must be treated quickly to get rid of the pain that is difficult to bear.

During the report published on the "hse" website, we will learn about the problems of exposure to ear infection, whether it is an infection of the middle or external ear.

The report indicated that ear infections are common, especially in children, and in the event that there is no improvement within three days, you must go directly to the doctor, because in this case you suffer from severe inflammation and the doctor must intervene.

During this report, we will learn about the difference between the symptoms of an ear infection in adults and children.

Symptoms of an ear infection usually start quickly and include:

Pain inside the ear.

A high temperature.

Feeling tired.

Lack of energy and inability to do any activity.

Difficulty hearing.

Discharge from the ear.

A feeling of pressure or fullness inside the ear.

Itching and irritation in and around the ear.

Young children and infants with an ear infection may have some symptoms, including:

- Rub in their ear.

- Does not react to some sounds.

- nervous

- worry

Loss of appetite Symptoms of ear infection in children

Most ear infections clear up within 3 days, although symptoms can sometimes last up to a week, the report confirmed.