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Russian Foreign Minister: Dialogue with the Taliban is necessary

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stressed that dialogue with the Taliban, which is banned in Russia, is necessary.


"Everyone is talking about the necessity of having relations with the Taliban, including those who have urgently withdrawn their embassies from the country," Lavrov said, at the Forum of Journalism Competitions. "We will have to talk to the Taliban, and everyone will have to do that."


The Russian Foreign Minister pointed out that resolving the current situation in Afghanistan is impossible without uniting all ethnicities in the political process, explaining, "The current situation in Afghanistan cannot be resolved without uniting Uzbeks, Hazaras and Tajiks, not just the Pushtuns in the political process."


He stated that there is no reason at the present time to see a real threat to the transmission of the turbulent events in Afghanistan to the lands of our neighboring allies, stressing that his country is doing its best to prepare for this matter, and added, "The Taliban has not given reason to doubt that it will fight the terrorists affiliated with ISIS." and Al Qaeda.