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Referee Mahmoud Nagy replaces Jihad Greisha in the international list of referees

The Referees Committee of the Football Association decided to put the name of referee Mahmoud Nagy on the international list of referees, instead of the former international referee, Jihad Greisha, who recently announced his official retirement from arbitration.

The Referees Committee has settled on the names of the international list of referees, which will be sent to the African and International Union within hours, as the last date will be on October 1, and the list of referees for the arena came as follows:

1- Ibrahim Noureddine

2- Mahmoud Al-Banna

3- Mohamed Adel

4- Muhammad Maarouf

5- Ahmed Al-Ghandour

6- Amin Omar

7- Mahmoud Nagy instead of Jihad Greisha

Assistant Referees

1- Mahmoud Abu Al-Regal

2- Ahmed Hossam Taha

3- Samir Gamal

4- Hani Abdel Fattah

5- Ahmed Tawfiq Talab

6- Youssef Al-Basati

7- Sami Halhal or Omar Fathi instead of Tahsin Abu Al-Sadat