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Omar Asr advances 8 places and ranks 28th in the world in table tennis

Omar Asr, player of the national table tennis team, advanced 8 positions in the world table tennis rankings to rank 28th in the world, days after winning the African Championship title, which was held in Cameroon.

Champion Omar Asr expressed his happiness at winning and crowning the African Table Tennis Championship in singles competitions, stressing that this title is the most difficult in his life, and it will remain the most precious to his heart because it is the first African title after God blessed him with his son Noah.

Asr published a picture of him with a daughter and another with the championship cup, accompanied by a comment: “The most expensive and most difficult title in my life, the title of African champion 2021 is not just a new African title, but it will remain the most precious title to my heart because this is the first African title, after our Lord blessed me with my son Noah, Praise be to God and thanks to God".

Omar Asr, player of Al-Ahly Club and the Egyptian national team, won the African Table Tennis Championship after beating Nigeria's Orona 4/1, in the match that was held in Cameroon.

Champion Maryam Al-Hudaybi also succeeded in winning the African Table Tennis Championship, women's singles, after defeating Hana Gouda by 4 games to three in a marathon match between the two champions of Al-Ahly Club, in the tournament held in Cameroon.