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NATO: Determined to set standards for the ethical use of emerging technology

Today, NATO Deputy Secretary-General Mircha Jiwana affirmed that NATO is determined to set standards for the ethical use of emerging technology, especially artificial intelligence.


In his speech to a virtual conference entitled "Artificial and Cyber ​​Intelligence - Abundance of Possibilities", Jiwana explained that the Alliance has intensified its efforts to confront risks and opportunities related to new technologies such as electronic intelligence and artificial intelligence (AI).


According to a NATO statement, today, Jiwana indicated that NATO may focus on activating a new cyber defense policy, launching defense innovation for the North Atlantic region (DIANA), as well as establishing the NATO Innovation Fund, which was approved during the NATO Heads of State and Government meeting in 2019 in London, with the aim of Strengthen cooperation with academia and develop dual-use technologies.


He added that these new initiatives also open up opportunities for closer cooperation with other partners such as the European Union and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.


The Deputy Secretary-General of NATO stressed that NATO's first strategy for artificial intelligence emphasizes the use of the ethical standard of artificial intelligence, especially in the field of defense and security, and ensuring that technological progress comply with international law and democratic values, with the participation of major innovation entities.