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Libya and Interpol are discussing a number of security issues, especially the fight against terrorism

Libyan Interior Minister Khaled Mazen discussed, during his meeting with INTERPOL Secretary General Jürgen Stock, a number of security issues, especially with regard to the fight against terrorism, the illegal immigration file and the fight against corruption.


During their meeting today, Tuesday, the two sides reviewed, according to the Libyan News Agency, the successful cooperation between the Ministry of Interior and Interpol to implement security operations and the importance of continuous coordination in this regard.


A recent study issued by the European Counter-Terrorism Center monitored the frameworks of cooperation and coordination between European countries and Interpol in the fight against terrorism on the Internet.

INTERPOL analyzes the use of social networks by terrorists, in order to enhance efforts to detect these activities in the framework of national investigations related to counter-terrorism. For example, the device searched social networks for potential witnesses, similar to what happened in the aftermath of the attack on London Bridge in the United Kingdom in 2017.