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Koeman talks about a crisis with Laporta and the future of Barcelona in his era

Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman praised the work he did last season in the Blaugrana, and Koeman told the Dutch newspaper NOS: "I have a great credit for Barcelona and they have a better future because of me, there are 4 or 5 players who have 18 or 19 years who will become players. Amazing for this club in three or four years, not just Pedri."


And he added, "My relationship with Laporta has improved, but the week happened, in my opinion, not good. In addition, it was said that I do not have power within the team. He spoke a lot about this, but the days always prove this statement wrong."


And he concluded: “When the club does not decide the future of its coach, many speculations come out, and this makes the situation bad for the coach.”

On the other hand, Barcelona playmaker Philippe Coutinho is ready to participate in the Bayern Munich match in the first round of the group stage of the Champions League season 2021/2022.

Barcelona will host its counterpart Bayern Munich at nine o'clock tomorrow evening, Tuesday, at the Camp Nou stadium, led by the English international referee, Michael Oliver.