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How does potassium help in losing weight?.. and what are its most important sources?

A diet rich in essential vitamins and nutrients that the body needs can help it function properly and speed up the weight loss process. In fact, our bodies require small amounts of potassium but it has many roles to play in keeping our internal system working so that we can shed pounds. And getting fit, according to the Times of India.

How does potassium help in weight loss?

Potassium is one of the minerals the body needs, it helps maintain blood pressure level and nerve function, and also transports nutrients to cells, and in terms of weight loss, it supports muscle function and aids in quick recovery after an intense exercise session, and eating rich foods can lead Potassium after exercise to speed up the recovery process.

How much potassium does the body need per day?

A healthy individual should consume around 4,700 mg of potassium per day, and unfortunately most people do not get enough potassium through their diets.

What are the most important sources of potassium that help in losing weight quickly?

the banana

Bananas are among the richest sources of potassium. They also contain a good amount of fiber, as well as many antioxidants that may speed up your metabolism and make you feel fuller for longer.

Research shows that eating foods rich in fiber can reduce the risk of obesity by up to 30%, and eating a banana daily improves digestion and supports heart health.

One medium banana contains 422 mg of potassium.

sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are a root vegetable that is generally available in winter. They are highly nutritious and provide an ideal snack option for those trying to lose weight. In fact, sweet potatoes are high in starch, but they are also rich in nutrients such as protein, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin C. And B6 is also one of the best sources of vitamin A.

One medium sweet potato contains 541 mg of potassium.


Beans are a rich source of protein and fiber as well as potassium and all the essential nutrients needed to shed those extra kilos. Protein and fiber keep you feeling full for longer. Potassium helps balance electrolytes after an intense workout session. Beans are also rich in folic acid, iron, copper, vitamin K and manganese.

100 grams of kidney beans contain 1406 mg of potassium.

coconut water

When you're trying to lose weight, it's equally important to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and natural fluids, and drinking coconut water can be a great way to get an extra dose of nutrients and keep yourself hydrated.

Coconut water contains nutrients that can help rejuvenate after a workout session. This natural drink is rich in magnesium, calcium, sodium, manganese and potassium.

240 ml of coconut water contains 600 mg of potassium.