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Guava leaves a home remedy for toothache.. Know its benefits and how to use

Guava leaves carry many health benefits for all organs of the body, and in addition to their role in overcoming digestive problems such as diarrhea, they are also useful for oral health and toothache, which is caused by cavities, gum disease or an unhealthy diet that eventually leads to the erosion of the layers of teeth and their loss over time. the time.

According to a report published on the "Express" website, guava leaves are very useful in toothache, because they contain nutrients, including vitamin B and vitamin C, flavonoids, iron, potassium.

Guava leaves play a role in managing pain, especially for the teeth, which is caused by inflammation that occurs around the affected teeth, and inflammation may also lead to more impact on the surrounding parts, such as the gums, and guava leaves have a natural anti-inflammatory property, which can reduce inflammation and promote the recovery process from toothache.

Guava leaves are a pain reliever because they act as a natural analgesic that contributes to getting rid of tooth pain, and the pain may be caused by poor oral hygiene, so you can use gargling with a solution of guava leaves two to three times a day to avoid bacteria in the mouth.

Guava leaves also contain flavonoids, which maintain good oral hygiene, and are a natural antimicrobial.

The lack of minerals and vitamins is one of the factors that cause tooth pain, and due to lack of treatment as well as unhealthy eating habits, our teeth destroy the mineral layers necessary for them, and the lack of mineral layers can lead to weak enamel, and this is the main cause of inflammation and tooth pain, in In this case, guava leaves can provide enough minerals such as iron and calcium to support the strength of the enamel.

You can use guava leaves to treat toothache by chewing on the affected area or using it as a solution to get rid of bacteria that cause infections in the mouth area.