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For Mummy.. Home Remedies to Relieve Your Child's Stuffy Nose Symptoms

A stuffy nose is a very annoying problem, especially when it affects young children, and they usually get it during periods of changing seasons, where a state of unstable weather and sudden changes in temperature occurs, and because the immunity of young children is often weak, it is quickly affected by these weather fluctuations, which results in their infection with colds. Cold and flu with nasal congestion, and there are a range of home remedies that mothers can resort to to relieve symptoms of stuffy nose in children, according to the "Times of India" website.

Here are some home remedies that you can try to relieve a stuffy nose in children:

saline nose drops

You can ask your doctor to prescribe saline nasal drops, which you can use at any time when your child has nasal congestion.

warm baths

Bathing with warm water is one of the easy ways to help your child get rid of a stuffy nose in babies.

Adjust sleeping position

Sleeping position plays a major role in treating a stuffy nose in children, as it is preferable to place the child’s head on a pillow so that the level of his head is higher than the body, as this helps him relieve the symptoms of stuffy nose and get rid of mucus, and that is better than lying horizontally, which may cause symptoms to worsen. .


Massage can help soothe your baby. By massaging the upper edge of his cheekbones, this helps the mucus flow to get rid of it.


This device increases the humidity in the air, which reduces the stuffy nose of the child, even adults can use a humidifier to treat their nasal congestion.


Exposing your child to the morning sun is important, as this gives him a feeling of comfort and warmth, and exposure to steamy air helps him dissolve the mucus that causes nasal congestion.