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Foods to increase the level of estrogen in the body.. Garlic is the most prominent one

The lack of estrogen in a woman’s body leads to many negative effects on sexual health, and therefore it is recommended to eat foods that increase its percentage in the body, because exposure to a deficiency in its percentage is one of the causes of delayed pregnancy and menstrual disorders.


Therefore, the report published on the medical website “healthline” presents many foods that contribute to a high rate in the blood, including:

Flax seeds:

They contain chemical compounds that cause a high level of estrogen in the body, so these seeds are a good choice for women during menopause because it supplies the body with the hormone and reduces the chances of cancer.

- the Garlic:

It helps to increase the proportion of estrogen in the blood, and also acts as a strong antibiotic in the body of women, and therefore eating it strengthens the immunity in a remarkable way.


It reduces the chances of getting cancer, and also works to regulate the menstrual cycle, and increases the chances of childbearing, because it works on the secretion of estrogen.

Eat dried fruits:

It contains a good percentage of phytoestrogen, so eating it helps to raise its percentage in the blood, so you should eat peaches, apricots and dates.

- Sesame seeds:

It improves harmful cholesterol in the body, increases fat burning, and also increases estrogen activity in the body, so eating it is one of the good tricks.


Eating nuts in general is one of the good tricks to improve and increase the proportion of estrogen in the body, but eating walnuts is one of the good tricks that improve and revitalize the body.