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Daily Mail: Britain's gas crisis worsens.. "panic" purchase of fuel complicates the situation

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that visas will be granted to truck drivers to allow 5,000 employees of a foreign carrier to enter the UK after panic buying spread at crowded gas stations across the country overnight.

Motorists, ignoring government pleas for calm, swarmed the roads, and police were forced to call drivers amid fears that a fuel shortage could lead to a downturn in the economy.

The prime minister is expected to commit to granting visas to thousands of foreign drivers in an effort to address the shortage, while soldiers will also be tasked with helping out at test sites to clear the congestion of drivers trying to obtain licenses.

But Britain is said to be short of more than 90,000 drivers, in part because the coronavirus has canceled the training and testing of tens of thousands of workers, and there are fears adding 5,000 drivers is too little, and too late to stem the chaos.

Pictures show desperate motorists queuing for petrol at Alberton station in Sainsbury's as the search for fuel continues overnight. Meanwhile, around 400 stations owned by EG Group have required petrol to be purchased at just £30 for all customers to provide a "fair opportunity to refuel".

The lack of drivers is hurting every part of the economy, creating gaps in supermarket shelves, leaving bars and restaurants short of key products and jeopardizing the supply of key chemicals to water companies.

Parents at school Friday also had no access to the pumps, while elderly people and dealers were among the thousands of trapped motorists.

The problems erupted after BP and Esso admitted on Thursday that a lack of tanker drivers was affecting deliveries. The news led to a race for petrol pumps, which led to hundreds of some fuels running out and dozens of total shutdowns.