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"Bongorno Coffee Mix" announces the first winner of the raffle for a fully finished ownership apartment

Bonjorno Coffee Mix, owned by Nestlé Egypt, announced the result of the first draw in its competition that it launched to obtain a dream apartment, in cooperation with the Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities represented by the Social Housing and Real Estate Finance Support Fund, with a total of 10 fully-finished ownership apartments consisting of 3 rooms and a hall. A bathroom and a kitchen in all governorates of Egypt, and the winner will not bear any financial amounts, including the maintenance deposit, as Nestlé has taken care of all the required funds, which is the first time that a company from the private sector delivers apartments as a gift to the winners in cooperation with the government sector.

And she was lucky in the first draw, Wafaa Hassan Ibrahim from Ard El Lewa in Giza Governorate, who was surprised by her victory, and expressed her happiness at winning the apartment, especially as she was hoping to win and not expect it.

The drawing was conducted at random on the phone numbers that were sent to the number designated for the competition since the beginning of September, in the presence of Amr El Meligy, representative of the Social Housing Fund, Walid Mohsen from the Monitoring and Guidance Department of the Ministry of Social Solidarity and Bonjourno's team.

In addition to the apartments, the competition offers many instant gifts to all contestants, as part of the company’s keenness to conduct large and comprehensive competitions that will positively affect people’s lives and contribute to improving their lives, as “Coffee Mix” is keen every year to hold competitions and raffles for various gifts , under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity under No. 163 of 2021 in cooperation with the Social Housing and Mortgage Finance Support Fund, and by notifying the Consumer Protection Agency No. 210/2021.

All Bonjorno Coffee Mix customers can participate in the competition by sending the code inside the bag to the number designated to enter the draw, after which he will be notified of the gift he received.