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Athletics postpones local activity until after the General Assembly elections

The Athletics Federation, headed by Seif Shaheen, decided to postpone the start of the new season’s competitions at the present time, provided that the date of the championships and local activity is determined after the holding of the General Assembly elections of the federation.


For his part, Saif Shaheen said in press statements, that no local activity competitions will be held until after the general assembly and elections are held. And examining the bodies, and accordingly, the date for calling the general assembly and holding elections is determined, and then the local season competitions will start.


It is reported that the Athletics Federation participated in the Olympic Games, which was held in Tokyo, with Mustafa El-Gamal, Ihab Abdel-Rahman, Mostafa Magdy and Mohamed Amr, while Basant Hamida did not participate due to the injury she suffered before traveling to Japan.