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Aoun: Launching a quick workshop to put Lebanon on the path to salvation and revival

Lebanon's President, General Michel Aoun, said that what brought together the ministers in today's session is confidence and the ability to work, which must always be to expedite the sessions to accomplish what is required in the next stage, according to a press release.

Aoun added: "This is the fourth government in my presidential term, which was formed after 13 months of the caretaker government. During this period, the situation worsened: economically, financially, monetary and socially, and the living conditions of citizens declined to unprecedented levels." The depreciation of the national currency - fuel - hospitalization - medicine.

He added, "We are faced with major national and historical responsibilities to activate the role of the state and its institutions and restore confidence in it. We must not waste time, as we no longer have the luxury of slowness and procrastination, and what is required is finding urgent solutions to address the living conditions of citizens, and launching a quick workshop to put Lebanon on the path of rescue, recovery and advancement."

The Lebanese Council of Ministers held its first session today at the Baabda Presidential Palace, and a committee was formed to formulate the ministerial statement for the new government to complete this task within 3 days.