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Allocating financial compensation to the families of the victims of the Perm University attack in Russia

The press service of the Perm regional governor's office said that the regional authorities will allocate 1 million rubles ("15 thousand dollars") to the families of those killed during the shooting at Perm State University and 500,000 rubles (7.5 thousand dollars) for the wounded.

According to the Sputnik website, the service report stated, “On the instructions of the Perm Territory Governor Dmitry Makhonin, after the state of emergency at the Perm State National Research University, the families of the victims will receive financial assistance, the families of the victims will receive 1 million rubles each, and the injured will each receive 500,000. ruble".

The press service of the regional governor's office confirmed that the money will come from the reserve fund of the Perm Regional Government.

Svetlana Petrenko, the official representative of the Russian Investigative Committee, said law enforcement officials had identified the student who was supposed to have shot him, and had been arrested.

"According to reports, on September 20, a student, who was on the territory of one of the buildings of the Perm National Research University, opened fire on others. Data on the dead and injured are being determined. The suspect has been identified," she said.

"As a result of the accident, 8 people were killed, in addition to the injury of others, the numbers of dead and injured will be confirmed," she added.