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Ali Ghazal announces his official departure from Smouha

Smouha player Ali Ghazal announced his official departure from the Alexandria club during the current summer Mercato.

And Ali Ghazal wrote through his official account on the social networking sites Twitter: "Praise be to God, a very strange year in my career so far, but thank God for everything that happened in it and I passed with it .. I ended my contract with Smouha Club. We wish them success and ask God for success in what is to come."

Smouha had signed with Ali Ghazal at the beginning of the season, coming from a long professional journey in the Portuguese league, in which the player succeeded in writing his name with letters from Nour as one of the best Egyptian professionals abroad, and he was close to moving to Zamalek, before he signed for the Blue Wave.

In another context, Faraj Amer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Smouha Club, announced that the management of his club succeeded in resolving 11 free transfer deals without the cost of the club’s treasury, any sums of money in exchange for moving to play for the Alexandrian team, stressing that these deals will be the password for the team’s appearance in its new dress, starting from a match. Pyramids in the Egypt Cup, scheduled for the 24th of this month, at the new Suez Stadium.


The new deals for Smouha came, according to the assurances of Faraj Amer, as follows:


Mustafa Al-Khawaja is a game maker

Ahmed Saad, right back

Bahaa Magdy, left-back

Hussein Faisal in the middle of the field

Mohab Ashraf is a game maker

Mohamed Bassiouni, right wing

Dashva (Angolan), right wing

Sekoreya (Nigerian) under the spear

Ahmed Ramadan Beckham (on loan)

Fahd Jumaa Ras of a Spear (on loan)

Amir Adel (Alexanders) left wing