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Abdullah Al-Saeed: We only think about winning.. and changing the coach came at a tight time

Abdullah Al-Saeed, the playmaker for Egypt and Pyramids, expressed his confidence in the team's victory over Libya and qualifying for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Abdullah Al-Saeed said during the press conference that took place today: “The change of the coach of the Pharaohs came in a tight time, but the players got used to these conditions, and we have professional players, and God willing, in this short period we can adapt to Queiroz. ".

And the Pyramids star continued: "We only think about winning, and Queiroz talked to us about focusing on winning every match, and the Egyptian team is a big name in Africa, but the ball currently does not depend on names, and we have to make the utmost effort, and God willing, we are ready for the two matches in Libya." .

The Pharaohs playmaker added: "Most of the national team players have played with each other before, and we are trying to gather all our energy for the next two matches, and we all have the ambition to reach the World Cup."

Abdullah Al-Saeed concluded his statements: “Kirosh asked us to do things at the beginning. He does not complicate things. He has experience and knows about loads, and he has an assistant device that studies all this, and God willing, we will reach the match and we are in the best condition.”