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A British policeman confesses to kidnapping and killing a woman after she was arrested on the pretext of violating Corona measures

The British judiciary announced that a policeman had admitted to killing the young Sarah Everard after deluding the victim that he would stop her on the pretext of violating the rules of Corona, as he was in fact planning to kidnap her and then kill her, according to the Independent newspaper.

Wayne Cousins, 48, a member of the London police charged with protecting diplomatic missions, had confessed to the kidnapping, rape and murder of the 33-year-old marketing executive in March, in a case that raised concerns about the women's safety.

Wayne, who is married and father of two children, appeared before the Old Bailey Criminal Court in London, on the first day of a two-day hearing, after which a ruling will be issued against him, and Attorney General Tom Little explained that Cousins ​​had deluded the young woman on March 3 that he would stop her when she walked back to her home. After leaving a friend's house in Clapham, south of the British capital.

The policeman was among the elements conducting patrols to ensure that residents adhere to anti-Covid-19 measures, and two people who were passing the car saw what happened, as the passenger next to the driver noticed that Wayne Cousins ​​was shackles Sarah Everard and thought that the latter must have committed something, but they were in In fact, they testify to the kidnapping of Sarah Everard, according to the attorney general.

Everard was found suffocated and her body burned 7 days after she went missing in Kent, southeast England, a few meters from a land owned by Wayne Cousins, and pictures taken by surveillance cameras allowed investigators to identify the policeman and arrest him on the ninth of March at his home in Kent.

"I am outraged that he took advantage of being a policeman to get his way," Susan Everard, the victim's mother, said during the hearing, saying the "horror" of the crime still "remains in her." Protesters gathered Wednesday in front of the court, carrying placards that read "the hands of the police are stained with blood."

Attorney General Tom Little noted that this "unprecedented" incident may warrant a life sentence for Wayne Cousins.