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Saudi Arabia renews its support for Tunisia's stability and its confidence in the Tunisian leadership

The Saudi Cabinet renewed the Kingdom's support for everything that supports the security and stability of the Republic of Tunisia, affirming confidence in its leadership to overcome the conditions witnessed by its country, and calling on the international community to stand by it to face its health and economic challenges. This came during a session held this evening, chaired by King Salman; According to what was reported by SPA.

Also during the session, the Council reiterated the Kingdom's continuation at the forefront of countries contributing to everything that would achieve development, prosperity and peace for the peoples of the entire world, and what was included in this context, the Crown Prince's speech at the World Education Summit held in London. Partial amendments to the International Radio Regulations - contained in the Final Documents of the World Radiocommunication Conference 2019, and authorizing the Minister of Foreign Affairs or his representative to sign the form of the instrument of ratification for these amendments.

The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs has previously said that the Kingdom affirms its confidence in the Tunisian leadership to overcome these circumstances and to achieve a decent life and prosperity for the brotherly Tunisian people.

The Foreign Ministry added, according to SPA, that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia calls on the international community to stand by Tunisia in these circumstances to face its health and economic challenges.

Tunisian President Qais Saeed had taken a package of successive exceptional decisions, starting on Sunday evening, to stop the state of confusion that the country was experiencing as a result of the practices of the Brotherhood’s Ennahda movement, which controls the legislative authority in the country, as he decided to freeze the work of Parliament and lift the immunity of deputies, while exempting Hisham Meshishi. , Head of Government in charge of managing the affairs of the Ministry of the Interior, Ibrahim El-Bertajy, Minister of National Defense, and Hasna Benslimane, Minister to the Head of Government in charge of public service and Acting Minister of Justice, provided that the secretaries-general or those charged with administrative and financial affairs at the Presidency of the Government and the aforementioned ministries manage their administrative and financial affairs until Nomination of a new prime minister and new members.