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What is the time limit for following a water diet without exposure to health risks?

Water diet, is one of the common types of diets to lose weight, and like other types of diet, it also has advantages and disadvantages, and perhaps its most important advantages is that it helps in losing weight quickly, according to the website "Healthline".

The water diet achieves effective and quick results in losing some kilos, but the body with this diet lacks many essential nutrients, especially since it mainly depends on drinking a lot of water only without eating any food during a period ranging from 24 hours to 3 days at most. Estimated according to nutritionists.

To make sure that the water diet is done safely, people must prepare for it correctly and choose a good time to start this type of diet, so that the body does not need a lot of energy at this time, which is mainly provided by food and not water.

Perhaps one of the most prominent benefits of following a water diet is the benefits of a water diet, is weight loss because it gives you a feeling of fullness for a long time, as well as the expulsion of toxins from the body, and it also helps to control both blood pressure and sugar levels, in addition to that, the body uses with water diet, stored fats As a source of energy, which helps to burn a high percentage of fat.

Water diet may also help prevent the growth of cancer cells, in addition to its ability to prevent serious diseases.

It is important to consult a nutritionist before following a water diet, especially as it may not be safe for all people, such as the elderly and those under the age of 18.

Nutrition experts also point out that the speed with which the water diet depends on losing weight, may make it ineffective because it is better to lose weight slowly so that its results will last in the long term.

This system has many risks, including that when you stop it and return to practicing the wrong eating habits, it will lead to gaining more weight in a short period, and it is not recommended to continue on this system also for long periods, as it may affect the body with weakness, wasting and chronic diseases as a result of losing essential nutrients with this the system.