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Two new cases of corona were recorded among Tokyo Olympic athletes

Today, Sunday, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee announced the registration of two cases of the new Corona virus for two athletes residing in the Olympic Village in the capital, Tokyo, a day after announcing the first infection for one of the organizers residing in the village.

And the Olympic Committee said - according to what was reported by the Japanese (Kyodo) news agency - that among the 10 people who arrived from abroad to participate in the Olympics, two athletes who resided in the Olympic Village were confirmed to be infected, and a third case was for another athlete who did not reside there.

He did not provide details about the injured, such as their nationality and current health conditions.

Japan had banned the reception of audiences from outside Japan, and allowed entry, only athletes, officials and members of the media, to the Olympic Games.

The new cases bring the total number of infections - since July 1 - to athletes and other workers at the Games, scheduled to start next Friday, to 55.

The Olympic Village, located in the capital, Tokyo, which includes 21 residential buildings, 3,600 rooms and 18,000 beds, opened its doors to receive athletes last Tuesday.