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Tokyo Olympics .. The results of the Egyptian mission today, Monday, July 26

The results of the Egyptian mission on Monday, July 26, and participation in the Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo, witnessed happy news and good results in taekwondo after winning the bronze medals in the competitions.


The results of the Egyptian mission were as follows...




Hedaya Malak, a taekwondo player, won the bronze medal after defeating the American player 6/17 in the consolation match to achieve Egypt's first medal in the tournament and the second for the player in its history.


Saif Issa also won the bronze medal in the consolation match against the Norway player.


Table Tennis


Omar Asr, the player of the table team, won a lot against the Ukrainian champions, 4/3 in the second round of the preliminary round of the men's singles competition.


hand team


The men's handball team lost to Denmark 32/27 in the second round of the tournament, and it will meet with Japan on Wednesday.



Mohamed Hamza lost the fencing quarter-finals with a score of 9/15 against his Czech opponent, Alexander.


Mohamed Hassan bid farewell to the game competitions from the round of 32, losing to the Italian player 6/15

In the same role, the duo, Noha Hani and Nora Mohamed, lost the women's singles competitions

Yara El Sharkawy was eliminated from the same round against the Italian player, 15/2.


And in the sword weapon, Nada Hafez bid farewell to the championship after defeating the Korean champion 4/15 in the round of 32


Alaa Abul-Qasim lost the Olympic quarter-finals with a hook against the Japanese player, 13/15, after suffering an injury.


Azmi Muhaliba was bid farewell to the skeet shooting competitions in the qualifying round, but failed to reach the final of the tournament.


The same is true for Mostafa Hamdy, the national team player, too.


the flying Feather

Adham Hatem and Doha Hani lost in the mixed zoo competitions