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The International Organization for Migration: 970 people died in the Mediterranean during 2021

The International Organization for Migration announced that the number of people who died in the Mediterranean this year 2021 has risen to about 970 men, women and children.

The organization's spokesman, Paul Dillon, said today, Tuesday, that about 57 people, including at least 20 women and two children, died or went missing at sea, after a boat carrying them from the Libyan city of Al-Khums sank towards European shores, noting that the boat was on board 70. At least one person.

The UN spokesman indicated - at a press conference in Geneva - that the fishermen and the Libyan Coast Guard rescued 18 people (from Nigeria, Ghana and Gambia), and the organization provided them with emergency medical assistance.

The speaker urged the member states of the European Union to the need for solidarity to better manage migration, and to work towards a clearer, safer and humane approach to this issue that begins with saving lives, especially since rescue in the Mediterranean is being carried out by non-governmental organizations, which needs a state-led approach to the search. Rescue before more lives are lost.