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The final of fate between Al-Ahly and Kaizer Chiefs, an interview with South African newspapers

The local newspapers issued this morning in South Africa were interested in the Al-Ahly summit against Kaizer Chiefs in the expected match at nine in the evening in the final of the African Champions League on the Mohammed V sports complex.

And the “Football 256” website published a picture of Al-Ahly coach Betso Musimani and Hussein Al-Shahat, and commented, “Ahly Musimani gives Kaizer Chiefs the opportunity,” indicating that the South African team has a historic opportunity to achieve a historic achievement over Al-Ahly despite the difficulty of the match.

Al-Ahly coach Pitso Mosimane, along with Baxter, the coach of the Kaizer Chiefs team, topped the headlines of the "Kick Off" website, where he said, "Pitsu against Baxter - the record of confrontations."

And the newspaper "Daily News" commented, "3 ways to win or lose: Tactical superiority is the key to Kaizer Chiefs in the Al-Ahly battle."

While "news24" wrote the headline, "Kaizer Chiefs has a date with fate in the African Champions League final."

The South African champion, Cairz Chiefs, seeks to overcome the impossible and snatch the first title of the African Champions League in its history in an opportunity to be the closest to him, as he found himself in front of only 90 minutes to achieve the football miracle, while the red genie is looking for the tenth title in its history.