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Real Madrid sets December 2022 as the deadline for the completion of the Bernabéu renewal work

Press reports revealed the deadline for the completion of the development work at the Spanish Real Madrid stadium, "Santiago Bernabeu". According to the Catalan newspaper, Mundo Deportivo, Real Madrid officials have set December 2022 as the date for the final completion of development work at the “Santiago Bernabeu” stadium, in conjunction with the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The newspaper added that the Real Madrid administration is intensifying its efforts in order for the Santiago Bernabeu to be ready to host the Real Madrid matches on September 11, which is the date of the first league match in which the public will return to the Bernabeu.

She indicated that Real Madrid has more than two months to prepare the stadium, which is currently closed due to work, starting with the grass in addition to the stands, to be ready on September 11.

The newspaper stressed that Real Madrid has a clear strategy that must be followed when the fans return to the stadium, which is a strategy to follow what they have already done before the spread of the epidemic, and business will stop on the day of the match and will continue the next day.

She indicated that Real Madrid officials had never considered playing the new season's matches at a stadium other than the Santiago Bernabeu.

And she concluded that the Real Madrid administration aspires to have more than 50,000 people present during the first match, which will be held at the Santiago Bernabeu.