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Olympic team players decide to fast on the day of Arafa in Tokyo

The players of the Egyptian Olympic team decided to fast on the day of Arafa tomorrow, Monday, in Japan, and the players informed the technical and medical staff of the decision, so it was decided to amend the team’s diet to include breakfast and suhoor only.


And the Olympic team will stay in the fifth round at the residence hotel, and the team will ascend to the 22nd round to eat, except that it is forbidden to move according to the instructions of the organizing committee and to prevent the medical bubble from being penetrated.


The Olympic team trained today in one of the stadiums designated for training, in preparation for facing Spain next Thursday at the start of its career in the Tokyo Olympics.


The training was tactical in the first place, and the technical staff allocated it to the way of playing against the Spaniards, after the apparatus followed up yesterday's meeting between Spain and Japan, the friendly. The technical staff is scheduled to address the matter in detail in a technical lecture tomorrow with the players.


All the players participated in the training today and witnessed the insistence and seriousness of everyone to gain the confidence of the technical staff, and Shawky Gharib, the coach of the Olympic team, confirmed that the technical staff now only thinks about the Spain match as the beginning of the journey and we strive to be strong.


In the same context, the technical staff and players conducted a medical swab to detect corona, which is the swab that is carried out daily under the supervision of Dr. Ayman Zain, the team doctor.