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Najib Mikati gets the necessary votes to assign him to form the Lebanese government

The Lebanese businessman and former Prime Minister Najib Mikati obtained the majority of the parliament's votes needed to form a new government, after Saad Hariri apologized for forming the government a few days ago, according to Russia Today.

Mikati will be tasked with forming a government to save Lebanon, which is suffering from a severe economic collapse that threatens its stability, and he won 54 votes.

Mikati's appointment comes after Saad Hariri announced this month his apology for forming a new government, after about ten months of failing to agree on its formation with Maronite Christian President Michel Aoun.

The political dispute left Lebanon without an effective government, while the country fell into an economic and political crisis.

The government of Prime Minister Hassan Diab, which resigned in August after the Beirut port explosion, continued to serve as a caretaker government until the formation of the new government.