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Nada Magdy wins the silver medal in the fins swimming world championships

Nada Magdy Abu Muslim succeeded in achieving second place and winning the silver medal in the world championship in fin swimming for adults in the 1500 meters race, which is currently held in Russia during the period from 3 to 9 July, and her colleague, swimmer Jamila Ali, won fifth place in the same race.


The world championship for adults is the highest competitive level in the world, and Nada Magdy’s crowning of the silver medal from the world champions is a new historical achievement for the Egyptian Federation for Diving and Rescue.


Ahmed Ihab, the national team player for the 200-meter fins, succeeded in winning the gold medal in the World Junior Championships held in Liliano, Italy.

And swimmer Nada Majdi Abu Muslim won second place in the world championships in a competition of 1500 meters in swimming with mono fins, and her colleague Jamila Ali Saber won third place in the same race of 1500 meters in swimming with mono fins.