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Moroccan health warns of an epidemic setback after the increase in Corona injuries

The Moroccan Ministry of Health has warned of an epidemiological setback after recording a significant increase in the number of infections, critical cases and deaths from the Corona virus in the country.

The Ministry of Health stated in a statement that the rise was due to the state of marked relaxation and non-compliance with precautionary measures and measures, especially after the gradual reduction of night quarantine procedures, the beginning of the summer vacation and the opening of borders.

The Ministry of Health added that the gradual lifting of restrictions does not mean the end of the Corona pandemic and the return of life to its normal course. than 9 million in the second dose.

The Ministry called on female citizens and citizens to be vigilant and strictly adhere to preventive measures such as wearing a muzzle, respecting physical distance, and avoiding unnecessary gatherings, in order to avoid any setback that might bring Morocco back to zero again, and to avoid a deterioration of the epidemiological situation, especially in light of the emergence of new mutants of the virus characterized by rapid spread. and transmission of infection.

For his part, Health Minister Khaled Ait Taleb said, "We will be forced, if necessary, to tighten restrictions, despite the negative impact this has on many sectors."

The Moroccan minister added that by monitoring the development of the epidemiological situation in the past two days, an accelerated increase in cases of infection is observed compared to the trend recorded over the past months.