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Lebanon: Allowing aid distribution through an open platform for donors to ensure justice

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants in the Lebanese caretaker government, Zina Aker, affirmed that all the aid that will reach Lebanon from donor countries will pass through their correct frameworks, and that it must be fully registered and announced and how it will be distributed to all Lebanese, especially the most a need from them, through a special platform open to donor countries, the international community, those interested and all the Lebanese, in implementation of the principle of transparency and distributive justice.

This came during Minister Zina Aker's meeting with US Ambassadors Dorothy Shea and French Anne Grew to discuss the situation in Lebanon and the results of their visit to Saudi Arabia.

The two ambassadors briefed Minister Akar on the results of their meetings with Saudi officials, and presented the strategy followed in Lebanon to receive aid and distribute it in a fair manner, in addition to following up on it in light of developments.

After their return from Saudi Arabia, the French ambassador to Lebanon, Anne Greu, and the US ambassador to Lebanon, Dorothy Shea, issued a joint statement, stressing the urgent need to form a Lebanese government with full powers that is committed and able to implement reforms.

In their joint statement, the two ambassadors indicated that the French and American governments, as well as other partners, continue to provide emergency assistance to the Lebanese people, including health, education and food support.