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Kaizer Chiefs manager: Musimani has matured with Al-Ahly and luck does not support us

Kaiser Muting Jr., sporting director of the Kaizer Chiefs team, believes that Pitso Mosimane, coach of Al-Ahly club, has matured better in football with the Red Castle, and Junior said in statements to the “Be On Time” program, speaking about the upcoming African final next Saturday with Al-Ahly: I think that the final Africa is a historic match for the two teams. We are preparing the team as much as possible for this meeting. This meeting will be unbelievable because it brings together two great teams, especially in terms of the tactical aspect, and there is a great challenge in terms of organization because both teams have a great deal of experience and understand the size of the competition well.

He added: Musimani did a very big job with Al-Ahly and changed his way of playing, and we are doing our best to keep up with Al-Ahly, but it is a difficult task for us, and we must maintain a measure of optimism to achieve the desired.

He continued: We know Musimani well and he knows us, but the way of playing is different, and Musimani’s mentality may have changed as a result of his playing with Al-Ahly, especially that he achieved great success and has different elements from Sun Downs and a state of football maturity occurred to him, and we would be wrong if we thought that we know Musimani well, and I think that Luck may not serve us in this matter because a lot of things are new to us and there are players we do not know in Al-Ahly.

And about the danger of Al-Ahly players, Junior said: We know the ability of Al-Ahly players to score goals and we try not to focus on a specific player, but the tactical awareness that the coach puts in place, so that we can face the team as a whole.

He added: I think that the championship that he aspires to is very big, and the task will be difficult for us because Al-Ahly is an institution and not just a team.

He concluded: We are trying to make up for the absences as much as possible, and to focus more on what is available to us and to give our best within our capabilities and we will strive to show our best, and we will travel this week to Morocco because the weather is better here and we are trying to enjoy the weather here and adapt to the atmosphere of Morocco, and we wish the fans were present in the match.