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Is Mohamed Mahmoud able to reserve a place in the Al-Ahly formation after defeating injuries?

Al-Ahly fans received good news about the return of Mohamed Mahmoud, Al-Ahly’s midfielder, to participate in part of the team’s collective training, after a long absence since he severed the cruciate ligament for the second time.

Mohamed Mahmoud suffered a cruciate ligament injury in both feet, to deprive Al-Ahly of his efforts since contracting with him from Wadi Degla almost two years ago, to wish the fans themselves the return of Mohamed Mahmoud, who has very great capabilities in the middle of the field capable of adding a lot to the team.

Mohamed Mahmoud and participation

The question currently posed by the Al-Ahly fans is whether the player is able to reserve a place for him in the formation of Al-Ahly, in light of the great brilliance experienced by the Al-Ahly club’s midfield players.

The answer to this question depends on several reasons, the first is the player’s quick recovery to his level and match fitness and the appearance of Mohamed Mahmoud with an ideal weight that brings him closer to recovering his level quickly, and the other matter is the team’s need for his services in light of the pressure of the matches that the club is experiencing, especially that Mohamed Mahmoud is good at playing in the center 8 and 10 par excellence, which is the opportunity that Musimani may resort to in an attempt to relieve Mohamed Magdy Afsha.

Mohamed Mahmoud injuries


The beginning was with the injury of Mohamed Mahmoud in his first appearance with Al-Ahly in his match against Smouha, after he was injured in the cruciate ligament of the knee, which caused him to be away from the stadiums for more than 6 months, to end his first season with the Red Team and to be absent for a long time from participating with his team 2018. / 2019.

With the beginning of Mohamed Mahmoud’s return from a cruciate ligament injury to the knee, and with the start of group training with Al-Ahly, the same damned injury struck him in the next season 2019/2020, but in the other foot, to confirm his absence from Al-Ahly in the next season.

With the end of the rehabilitation period of Mohamed Mahmoud from the second injury of the cruciate ligament and his medical readiness to participate in his team’s team training during the current time after the end of his rehabilitation program, but bad luck did not leave the player and he was infected with the Corona virus, before he recovers and is ready to participate in group exercises with the return The red team will resume its training next Thursday.

Mohamed Mahmoud is considered one of the distinguished football talents in Egyptian football, and one of the stars of Egypt's first and Olympic team, but the large number of injuries prevented him from being with the old and young Pharaohs, before recovering from injury to reintroduce himself to the red fans who are waiting for a lot from him in the coming period.