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Hussein Al-Shahat continues the celebrations of the African Championship: Al-Ahly Eagle will continue to fly high

Al-Ahly player Hussein Al-Shahat, his followers and fans, participated in a group of photos from his team's last match in the African Champions League final, which the Red Genie won after winning a triple against Kaizer Chiefs in South Africa.

Al-Shahat wrote on the photos that he posted on his personal account on the Instagram website, “Praise be to God, indescribable feelings, the feeling of the tenth star that we all pledged to. Congratulations to the great Al-Ahly fans. Congratulations to the board of directors and the technical staff, and thank you for all the support. And more achievements, the Al-Ahly eagle will continue to fly high.”

Al-Shahat confirmed, in televised statements yesterday, that the Red Team finishes one championship, and then thinks about it quickly in the other championship, and before us the League is the next goal, and we tell our fans not to worry about the absence of our colleagues in the Olympic team.


The Al-Ahly player added that he thanks his teammates, who supported him a lot during the last period until he quickly regained his level.


Al-Shahat revealed that he had already received several foreign offers, but he leaves the matter to the players' agents and officials, stressing that he does not talk about anything at all.


Hussein Al-Shahat said: "You are always required to stay well, all the players will be under pressure because you are in Al-Ahly, and now Africa has finished playing in the league. People will take a vacation on Eid, except for Al-Ahly, they will play their matches.