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He requested the execution of his opponents.. A new book reveals the secrets of Trump's last days in the White House

New secrets about the last days of former US President Donald Trump inside the White House revealed by Wall Street Journal reporter Michael Bender in his book titled "Honestly... We won this election."

And the American network CNN published excerpts from the book in its report on Wednesday, noting that Trump told a number of his advisers last year that everyone who leaked information about entering the White House basement to hide during the protests that erupted in the wake of the killing of George Floyd should be executed for committing it. "A major betrayal", by sharing these details with journalists and media professionals.

According to the book, Trump, then-first lady Melania Trump and their son, Barron, were taken to an underground bunker for a while during the protests that followed the killing of George Floyd by a policeman.

In his book, Bender wrote that in the days following his stay in the bunker, the former president held a meeting with senior military and law enforcement officials and his advisors where he expressed his displeasure about the leak.

The book continued: "Trump was furious about the story of the bunker as soon as they arrived and yelled at them to look into everyone who leaked it. It was the biggest malaise ever by some of his aides to the president," Trump shouted, "Whoever did this should be accused of treason." They must be executed!"

Bender's book said then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows repeatedly tried to calm Trump, adding that Trump's top aide told his boss, "I'm working on this. We'll find out who did it."

Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington dismissed the account in Bender's book for CNN, saying in a statement that the former president "did not say this or suggest it to anyone."

According to the report, the former US president moved the vault and stayed there for just under an hour before going upstairs. At that time, the White House also warned employees who had to go to work on Monday after using the bunker to hide their passes until they reached the Secret Service entry point and hid them. when they leave.