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"Handcrafts" demands a review of the decision to amend the stamp duties of goldsmiths

The Chamber of Handicrafts of the Federation of Egyptian Industries sent two letters to the Ministries of Trade, Industry and Supply, due to complaints received from owners of jewelry-making workshops and workers in the sector of forming and making jewelry.


For his part, Massad Omran, head of the Chamber, said that the Ministry of Supply did not address the Chamber to see its technical opinion regarding the re-adjustment of fees, at a time when the Chamber represents all jewelry manufacturers and is considered the owner of the right to discuss decisions related to the jewelry industry, calling on the supply to reconsider the decision. And returning to the Chamber of Handicrafts and manufacturers of jewelry to know their opinion on the quality of decisions that are supposed to be taken in such cases, stressing that the sector contributes and achieves great economic and social development, and such decisions will affect and harm the public interest and are the opposite of what President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi aims to develop the economy and upgrading the industry.


For his part, Mohamed Samir, head of his jewelry division in the Chamber of Handicrafts, said that there is a great harm to the manufacturers and workers in the jewelry making sector due to the single decision of the Ministry of Supply, which does not reflect the masses of jewelry makers in Egypt, and costs the industry a lot and does not contribute to providing the competitiveness of the Egyptian jewelry product in front of the foreigner. Which affects the Egyptian exports to the sector and disrupts the development wheel that the Chamber has been carrying out for several years, without real support.


It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, represented by the Stamping and Scales Department, had started implementing the project of stamping gold and precious metals by laser and allocating a barcode for each piece of gold jewelry, after awarding the tender to major companies working in this field, within the framework of the government’s keenness to use technology Modern to prevent tampering.