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Gulf weather.. thunderstorms in Saudi Arabia, wet in the Emirates, and hot in Bahrain

The temperatures varied in the Gulf countries through the forecasts of the meteorological centers, where the temperatures drop in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and to the details:-


In its report on the weather for this day, the National Center of Meteorology expected a partly cloudy sky with thunderstorms and convective clouds accompanied by active winds over the regions (Najran, Asir, Jizan, Al Baha, Makkah) and the activity of surface winds on the coasts of the Makkah and Madinah regions. Munawara. And stable weather over the rest of the Kingdom.


The National Center of Meteorology expected that the country will have humid weather in the morning over some coastal areas, and that low clouds will appear on the eastern coast in the morning.

the two seas

The Meteorological Department of the Ministry of Transport and Communications stated that the weather expected for today in the Kingdom of Bahrain will be hot and humid with some clouds at times and light fog in some areas at first.