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Griezmann refuses to return to Barcelona training and intends to leave

Press reports revealed a new development in the future of French midfielder Antoine Griezmann, Barcelona midfielder, and the developments of the exchange deal with Atletico Madrid regarding midfielder Saul Niguez.

And the Spanish "El Partidazo de COPE" program confirmed that the Frenchman, Antoine Griezmann, does not want to return to Barcelona training after the end of his vacation, and prefers to go directly to Atletico Madrid, his favorite destination.

The program also confirmed that the exchange deal between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid will include the transfer of players without payment of money.

And media reports confirmed that Barcelona wanted to get an additional amount of money from Atletico Madrid; Because Antoine Griezmann's value is higher than Saul Niguez's, he demanded at least 15 million euros.

Barcelona prefers to sell the Frenchman to one of the English Premier League clubs, to get a good amount of money, especially since the benefit of Saul Niguez does not have the agreement of all the components of the team due to the decline in his level last season and the way he played.

Although Manchester City announced his lack of interest in Antoine Griezmann, Spanish and European media reports spoke of the interest of several European clubs in his services, but he refuses to leave Spain, and Barcelona was given the option of leaving towards Atletico Madrid or staying in the team.

The process of getting rid of Antoine Griezmann is important to the Barcelona administration; Because his salary is large and gives the administration an important opportunity to reduce the percentage of salaries, and open the door to facilitate the process of renewing Lionel Messi's contract financially.

The Spanish program confirmed that Antoine needed to restore the love of the fans of his former team, especially since he left in a bad way, and the documentary tape that he published will be accompanied by his departure for the rest of his life.

While Mundo Deportivo confirmed that the deal is on the right track; Because the desire of the players Antoine Griezmann and Saul Niguez is to move to Barcelona and Atletico Madrid; And because the Barcelona administration wants to get rid of the French star because of his large salary.