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France fights waste.. Measures to force restaurants to serve leftovers to animals

From Thursday, France will oblige, within the law against waste and food waste, for restaurant owners to propose serving the remainder of customers' meals in reusable containers.

Under the decision, bags will also be provided to put the rest of the animal's food.

In 2016, France passed a law banning supermarkets from discarding ready-to-eat food by requiring them to partner with an NGO working in the field of food waste that can redistribute food that would otherwise be discarded, and stores that do not comply with the law are fined 3,750 euros each. Violation, the law also warns against serving an expired food product.

However, this law only covers food stores with an area of ​​more than 400 square metres. In addition, the law does not specify the amount that must be donated, so supermarkets can donate 1 percent of that food and therefore comply with the law.

This law includes educating children in schools not to waste and throw food in waste, and companies pledge to respect these measures, which come after a signature campaign called "It is enough to waste food", with the aim of providing the necessary food for about 10 million French people.

The French Ministry of Agriculture said in a statement issued in 2018, that 10 million tons of food is wasted annually in the country.