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Find out about poultry prices today, Friday

Poultry prices stabilized today, Friday 9-7-2021, and “white” poultry prices ranged between 27-28 pounds per kilo on the farm, while the consumer price ranged between 31-33 pounds per kilo.


And the prices of municipal poultry per kilo were between 41-42 pounds on the farm, and the consumer price ranged between 46-47 pounds per kilo, and frozen poultry recorded a 1 kg net weight of 39-42 pounds, and the price of Sasso poultry recorded 40 pounds, and mothers’ poultry recorded 20 pounds per kilo.


As for the prices of white eggs, they range between 36-38 pounds per carton, and for the consumer between 40-42 pounds per carton, and municipal eggs recorded 41 pounds in the farm, 46-49 pounds per carton, the consumer price.