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Euro 2020... the record-breaking championship

The European Nations Cup, Euro 2020, witnessed breaking many records over the course of its roles, before ending with the long-awaited coronation of the Italian team, after beating England on penalties at the historic Wembley Stadium, which deprived the “Three Lions” team from achieving the first Continental title in their history.

The two teams resorted to the eighth extra time in the tournament, which is a record in the history of the Euro, and three more times than in the 1996 and 2006 editions. Spain and Italy had the lion's share of these games, with 3 matches for each team.

The matches reached the penalty shootout stage on 4 occasions throughout the tournament, the crowned Italy had the largest share of them equally with Spain and Switzerland by twice for each team, a number that equaled the tournament in the 1996 edition, in the number of matches decided by lucky kicks.

The tournament also broke the record for the number of penalties awarded and missed throughout the continental championship, after calculating 17 kicks and wasting 8.

Despite the large number of wasted kicks, Euro 2020 succeeded in achieving a new record for the scoring average, which reached 2.79, but it may be normal after increasing the number of participating teams to 24 teams, but the tournament numbers have also improved from the 2016 version, The first in which the number of teams was raised to the mentioned number, after scoring a record number of goals, which reached 142 goals.

The 2016 edition witnessed only 108 goals, a number that was broken by the Croatian goal of Mislav Orsic against Spain, during the final price of the tournament, which ended with the victory of "El Matador" 5-2.

Euro 2020: Raheem Sterling gives England lead against Croatia

As for the rest of the records achieved in the tournament, the English full-back Luke Shaw scored the fastest goal in the final matches, after one minute and 57 seconds, and the Czech Patrick Shake scored my goal historically with a shot from 45 meters and 44 cm, which is the farthest to inhabit the net in the continental championship .

The Portuguese Ronaldo became the first player to play in 5 editions of the Euro, and succeeded during the last edition to snatch the title of top scorer in the tournament, and topped the list of historical scorers for the tournament with 14 goals, while the Spanish team was the first team to win five in two consecutive matches in the tournament.

The tournament also set the record for the number of reverse goals, having reached 11, the last of which was in the semi-finals of continental competitions, which brought England together in Denmark, and was scored by AC Milan's Italian defender, Simon Kjaer.